Friday, October 14

Sampson Theater – Galt House, Suite Tower

10:00am – 11:48am Maskour
11:50am – 11:56am
The Bench
11:58am – 12:24pm
Fall Seven, Get up Eight…
12:26pm – 1:42pm
It Happened Here
1:44pm – 2:36pm
Dog & Me: Season 2

2:38pm – 2:44pm Via Francigena: Across Tuscany
2:46pm – 4:02pm
Against the Odds – Racing With…
4:04pm – 4:33pm
Hotel Clermont
4:35pm – 4:46pm
Madam Black
4:48pm – 6:05pm
Storm Soldiers II

Wilkinson Theater – Galt House, Suite Tower

10:00am – 11:03am Where Happiness Lies
11:05am – 11:13am Screener
11:15am – 11:35am Radial
11:37am – 12:57pm #yesallwomen
12:59pm – 1:19pm Not Pictured
1:21pm – 1:41pm Where You Go
1:43pm – 2:55pm The Frozen Chosen
2:57pm – 3:16pm Deaners

3:18pm – 3:30pm Suicide Letter (or ANY Love Note)
3:32pm – 3:51pm Vicious
3:52pm – 4:50pm Hoda’s Story
4:52pm – 5:17pm Age of Kaos
5:19pm – 5:33pm Till the End of the World
5:35pm – 6:10pm Ome (it is good)
6:12pm – 6:17pm Eleven Eleven
6:19pm – 6:29pm Dream Keeper

Nunn Theater – Galt House, Suite Tower

10:00am – 11:57am Fresh Water
11:59am – 12:11pm The Shift
12:13pm – 12:48pm March
12:50pm – 12:52pm Last One at the Party
12:54pm – 1:44pm Blues Before Sunrise
1:46pm – 1:58pm The Unexpected

2:00pm – 2:26pm Monica & Gabriel
2:28pm – 2:39pm Last Days
2:41pm – 3:41pm Resilence
3:43pm – 3:59pm Connect
4:01pm – 4:48pm The Sand Box
5:00pm – 5:57pm After Coal

Holly Theater – Galt House, Rivue Tower

10:00am – 11:11am You See Me
11:13am – 11:17am To Oh Seven
11:19am – 11:33am Radio Road
11:35am – 12:52pm Chasing the Win
12:54pm – 1:23pm Praise & Blame
1:25pm – 1:37pm Gardening at Night

1:39pm – 2:54pm The Ability Exchange
2:56pm – 3:10pm Game on
3:20pm – 3:32pm Freida’s Turn
3:34pm – 5:01pm Concealed
5:03pm – 6:33pm She Started It

Willow Theater – Galt House, Rivue Tower

10:00am – 12:02pm The Hike
12:04pm – 1:16pm Life of Significant Soil
1:18pm – 3:10pm A Century +5 The Cinderella
3:12pm – 3:57pm The Intimate Realities of Water

3:39pm – 5:41pm Raising Bertie
5:43pm – 5:53pm Anna
5:55pm – 6:03pm Candice and Peter’s Smokin Hot Date

Muhammad Ali Theater

10:00am – 11:26am The Ride
11:28am – 11:43am Cassius Ali
11:45am – 12:05pm The Eve
12:07pm – 12:14pm Carbon Dating: Episodel
12:16pm – 1:41pm The Perfect Husband
1:43pm – 3:13pm Women Are the Answer

3:15pm – 3:30pm Dead Sharks
3:32pm – 3:52pm Cowboys
3:54pm – 4:08pm In Memory
4:10pm – 4:47pm Sticks
4:49pm – 5:26pm The Newsletter
5:28pm – 6:11pm Klocked: Women with Horsepower

Saturday, October 15

Sampson Theater – Galt House, Suite Tower

10:00am – 11:24am Since the Bombing of Pan Am Flight 103
11:26am – 11:36am Soliloguy
11:38am – 11:58am Tim Wilkerson to Direct a KFC Comm…
12:00pm – 12:15pm In this World
12:17pm – 1:28pm Circle of Poison
1:30pm – 1:38pm Infame
1:40pm – 1:46pm Por si me muero

1:48pm – 1:55pm A Tale of Crows
1:57pm – 3:34pm The Paper Store
3:36pm – 3:51pm Locas
3:53pm – 4:07pm La Prorroga
4:09pm – 5:42pm Despite the Falling Snow
5:44pm – 5:58pm The Great Accountant

Wilkinson Theater – Galt House, Suite Tower

10:00am – 10:58am Lines of Sight
11:00am – 11:14am The Bus Stop
11:16am – 11:50am Monty and the Runaway Furnace
11:52am – 1:15pm Sugar!
1:17pm – 1:32pm Son
1:34pm – 2:38pm Hot Doug’s: The Movie
2:40pm – 3:06pm The Duke
3:08pm – 3:13pm Stuck in Time

3:15pm – 3:34pm Grounds
3:36pm – 3:46pm Morning Star
3:48pm – 3:53pm Killer Defense
3:55pm – 4:14pm The Void
4:16pm – 4:21pm The Old Flame
4:24pm – 5:45pm Occupants
5:47pm – 6:04pm September Sketch Book

Nunn Theater – Galt House, Suite Tower

10:00am – 11:09am Getting Better
11:11am – 11:39am The Recursion Theorem
11:41am – 11:56am Got a Girl
11:58am – 12:13pm Pilgrim
12:15pm – 1:07pm Milwaukee 53206
1:09pm – 1:39pm My Ancestral Kentucky Home
1:41pm – 1:46pm Snottington University

1:48pm – 3:09pm Saving Barbara Sizemore
3:11pm – 3:40pm The Dead Unknown
3:42pm – 4:26pm #allweknowislame
4:34pm – 5:00pm Reinforcements
6:00pm – 7:25pm The Father & the Bear

Holly Theater – Galt House, Rivue Tower

10:00am – 11:29am Dependent’s Day
11:31am – 12:24pm Rubbertown
12:26pm – 12:56pm Fragile Legacy
12:58pm – 1:13pm Decamp – Alzheimer’s Awareness
1:15pm – 2:45pm Victor Walk
2:47pm – 3:10pm Under a Stone

3:12pm – 3:40pm Mythes
3:42pm – 5:22pm Walk With Me: The Trials of…
5:24pm – 5:38pm Hari
5:40pm – 5:45pm Eye For An Eye
5:47pm – 5:58pm Amerikka

Willow Theater – Galt House, Rivue Tower

10:00am – 11:32am Farewell
11:34am – 11:50am Jamie Wilson: Kentucky Strong
11:52am – 1:22pm Polyfaces
1:24pm – 2:53pm Hearing Is Believing

2:55pm – 3:05pm The Virgin Tour
3:07pm – 4:43pm Rollercoaster Love
4:45pm – 5:45pm The Eye of Instanbul
5:47pm – 6:00pm Victim

Muhammad Ali Center Theater

10:00am – 11:05am Overburden
11:07am – 11:18am Caitlin Among the Beasts
11:20am – 11:32am Coming to Terms
11:34am – 11:50am The Spirit of Cincinnatus Gr…
11:52am – 12:52pm Mustang Secrets Beyond the …
12:54pm – 1:17pm Toward the Entryway
1:19pm – 1:30pm The Land of the Exodus

1:32pm – 3:00pm What I Did in Fifth Grade
3:02pm – 3:15pm Awakening
3:17pm – 3:29pm Woodshed
3:31pm – 4:22pm A Whistlin Girl and a Crowing Hen
4:24pm – 5:01pm Be About It
5:03pm – 5:08pm Capital Sweetheart
5:10pm – 6:10pm I Come From

Louisville Free Public Library Theater

10:00am – 11:45am Addicted
11:47am – 1:24am Hot Men Cold Dictatorship

1:26pm – 2:52pm Short Wave
2:54pm – 3:01pm Wild Animals