Friday, September 15th

Auditorium | Muhammad Ali Center

10:00a—11:47a American Road
11:51a—12:06p Out Of My Mind
12:07p—12:09p Timeless Charm
12:10p—12:17p Random
12:18p—12:48p Walk With Me
12:52p—1:49p Little Wound’s Warriors
1:50p—2:03p Viridescent
2:07p—3:04p The Breaks: Centuries Of Struggle

3:07p—3:27p Split Ticket
3:28p—3:30p Muhammad Ali-The Olive Branch
3:31p—3:50p Marlon
3:51p—4:12p Brooklyn In July
4:16p—5:08p Zero Meridal
5:09p—5:32p The Prisoner Of Perdition
5:36p—6:01p One Mother’s Fire: The Gail Minger Story

Screening Room #1 | Muhammad Ali Center

10:00a—11:37a D-Love
11:41a—1:01p The Things We’ve Seen
1:05p—1:11p Lou
1:12p—1:38p A Good Blinder
1:39p—1:43p Rabbit Blood
1:44p—2:11p The Tin Wife

2:16p—3:30p The Warriors: Fighting The Incurable Juvenile Huntington’s Disease
3:34p—5:04p Gun
5:08p—5:20p Don’t Think About It
5:21p—5:31p Poem To A Nameless Slave
5:32p—6:06p Bucephale

Screening Room #2 | Muhammad Ali Center

10:00a—11:42a Venus Obscura
11:46a—1:31p The Aliens
1:35p—1:37p Wait Wait Wait
1:39p—2:02p A Home For Endangered Bats

2:03p—2:18p The Scary Ham
2:19p—2:31p Still Life With Family
2:36p—4:10p Art Of Obsession
4:15p—5:42p The Last Smile
5:43p—5:56p Tuesday

Auditorium  | Louisville Free Public Library

10:00a—11:30a Teacher Of The Year
11:34a—12:27p 25 Tracks
12:31p—12:46p Game
12:47p—1:41p Velvet Revolution
1:45p—3:00p Fallen

Centennial Room | Louisville Free Public Library

10:00a—11:26a Guevara Of Syril
11:30a—11:46a An Undeniable Voice
11:47a—11:56a Exit
11:57a—12:06p Shilo
12:07p—12:22p Hit And Sunk
12:26p—1:34p The Last Coyote
1:37p—2:00p Scent

2:01p—2:15p A Long Way Home
2:16p—2:21p Be
2:22p—2:26p Innova
2:27p—2:41p Post
2:42p—2:51p 30 Minutes With Laura
2:52p—3:04p This Is It
3:05p—4:19p Back For Good

Saturday, September 16th

Auditorium | Muhammad Ali Center

10:00–11:34 Floating Horses
11:38—12:58 Gas Light
1:02—1:27 The Immaculate Misconception
1:28—1:35 Still Sophie
1:36—1:40 Stop Never
1:41—1:48 My Name Is Lamar

1:49—2:03 Alfred J. Hemlock
2:07—3:29 Streetlight Harmonies
3:33—3:45 It Happened Last Night
3:46—3:57 Ten More
3:58—4:08 Scarlet Angeline
4:09—4:25 Bake Shop Ghost
4:29—5:52 Tournament

Screening Room #1 | Muhammad Ali Center

10:00–10:24 Eight-Teen
10:25—10:55 Art Of Recovery
10:59—12:15 Blood Type
12:19—1:15 Ganhdi’s Gift
1:19—1:34 An Ocean Away
1:35—2:02 Stuck
2:03—2:15 A Doll’s Eye
2:16—3:19 Uncommon Grace: The Life Of Flannery O’connor

3:20—3:25 Rj Gets A Booty Call
3:26—3:31 A Stubborn Bet
3:32—3:40 Thurman Goes Home
3:41—3:46 How To Live Without Experience
3:47—4:01 Light Catcher
4:02—4:15 Take It From Me

Screening Room #2 | Muhammad Ali Center

10:00—11:16 Between The Rock And The Commonwealth
11:20—12:37 Unchained
12:41—12:56 Walled In
12:57—1:15 Hyena
1:16—1:30 Early Departure

1:31—1:42 Innocence Lost
1:46—3:16 Angels Of The Sky
3:20—3:24 The Katherines
3:25—3:42 Siren
3:46—4:46 Eyes Of Amhara

Auditorium | Louisville Free Public Library

10:00–11:50 Killing Coal Country
11:54–12:53 Dyna Does Dressage
12:57—1:25 Los Command

1:26—1:52 Toward The North
1:56—3:11 The Whisker Seeker
3:12—3:42 Once The Ground Thaws

Centennial Room | Louisville Free Public Library

10:00—10:49 War Brides
10:50—11:04 Ky Place
11:05—11:25 Cello
11:29—12:43 Minnesota 13: From Grain To Glass
12:44—12:55 Dime Short

12:56—1:10 Kojo: A Short Documentary
1:11—1:21 Chocolate Milk
1:25—3:00 Kuleana
3:01—3:20 Still Devout
3;21—3:48 Crossing Sacred Ground