Give Me The Sun

Japan, China – 01:59:30
Produced by Keiko Takahashi
Directed by Ban ZhongYI

“Give Me the Sun” pursues the ongoing controversy of “comfort women” that eludes the light of justice and understanding. It introduces a group of seven aging Chinese women whose bodies and minds were irrevocably scarred by the unspeakable brutality inflicted on them during World War II, when they were being gang-raped for months until their families ransomed them. Others were simply abducted and enslaved in the nearest comfort stations. Chinese scholars have estimated that close to 100,000 women were forcibly taken from their homes during the war,

The comfort women in this documentary film were among the one-quarter of such victims who actually survived the war. The director followed them for over 20 years, recording their stories, viewing the physical scars of the atrocities inflicted on them, and eventually collecting money from sympathetic Japanese to cover their medical and other costs. “Give Me the Sun” is the most comprehensive and compelling portrait of these women yet, retracing the history of the issue and strengthening its accusations by including interviews with a handful of former Japanese soldiers, from a foot soldier to a company commander.