Heart Class

USA, United Kingdom – 00:20:00
Directed by Martin Percy

HEART CLASS is the story of MR RYAN, a high school teacher, almost dying of a cardiac arrest in a Louisville high school. He is saved by the heroic actions of SARAH and ALEX, two of his students. They have to make a lot of decisions FAST. And they are bitterly opposed by their classmates MIKE and MADISON. But Sarah and Alex’s decisions are actually made by YOU, the audience. The audience is split into two teams before the film. Each team battles against the other. Both by answering questions – and by taking it in turns to do CPR in the cinema! By the end of the film, one team is the winner. More importantly, you will have learnt basic CPR. You will have seen amazing new possibilities for combining cinema and interactivity. And you will have seen some of Louisville’s brightest young talent in action!