Romania, USA – 01:36:49
Produced by Elena Beuca, Billy Howardel, Elisabetta Tedla, Veronica Tedla
Directed by Elena Beuca
Written by Dave Rogers

Stefania has been working a job that she doesn’t like for a couple of years now…Her husband Dan hasn’t been working a job for a couple of years… After they just landed to the Los Angeles airport, coming back from Europe, after having one of the worst days of their lives, Stefania is being approached by a vagabond Ditlev Dharmakaya who is asking them for a ride to one of the busiest freeway in LA. She doesn’t want to have anything to do with a vagabond / homeless – but her husband Dan decides to take him home with them How will this affect the couple? The film is being told through Stefania’s eyes and it takes us a three days’ journey