Still Lifes

Germany, USA, Spain, Austria – 00:43:00
Directed by Jac Rubenstein

With a montage of static images of commonplace locations and a fugue of indistinct voices, natural sounds, and music, Still Lifes reflects upon the empty spaces where people had at one time lived, laughed, and worked. The images and sounds increasingly play out like dimmer and dimmer past events, as though the sites themselves have the memories of the people who once gave these now vacant places life.

Jac Rubenstein won the 1978 William Friedkin Silver Prize at the Chicago International Film Festival for the short film he made with Dan Andries, ‘In The Course of Time’.
He then became a sound editor and has worked on over a hundred films in New York. with directors like Martin Scorsese, Spike Lee, Jonathan Demme, Wes Anderson, Barry Levinson, Mary Harron, Robert Duvall and John Cameron Mitchell, among many others, and has been nominated twice for his work on the films ‘Men in Black’ and ‘Michael Collins’.