The Art of the Journey

USA, South Africa, Cuba – 00:35:00
Produced by Francine Levine, LaDonna Young
Directed by Francine Levine
Written by Francine Levine

NJ-born, Professor, Activist, Artist Ben Jones has used his art to bring awareness to the plight of people throughout the world, with a strong concentration on the struggles of the people of color. Born 1940 in Paterson, NJ, Ben began his art journey many years ago. As a young man during the Civil Rights Movement, Ben conscious began to develop as a Social Activist. His art began to speak out against the pressures of that time. Over the years, his artwork began to broaden, bringing awareness to human-caused disasters as in the BP Oil Spill to the revolutionary struggles of the people of Cuba. This noted International Activist/Artist’s documentary is an educational tool for many of our youth to learn how to use their abilities and talents to represent something greater than themselves. He is the epitome of the mantra, ‘Leave More Than You Take.’