The Caregiver

USA – 00:16:00
Produced by Ally Downs, Brian Mekelburg
Directed by Ally Downs
Written by Ally Downs

Angela, a caregiver, arrives at the home of her new client, Ed, a grumpy elderly man, who has given up on life. Ed does not like Angela, and does everything possible to get her to quit. Angela, an upbeat and positive person has some secrets of her own, and truly needs this job to escape an abusive relationship. After over-hearing Angela’s phone conversation with her ex ,Ed decides maybe he can help her situation. His efforts go awry, making the situation worse, and Angela decides to quit.

Ed realizes that he needs her, and begs her to stay. Angela, only decides to stay when she later finds out that Ed has stage 4 cancer. Their relationship takes a turn for the better and they develop a bond of friendship. They help each other to find their inner strength, hope and new beginnings.