The Immaculate Misconception

United Kingdom – 00:24:44
Produced by Russell Curtis
Directed by Michael Geoghegan
Written by Michael Geoghegan, Simon Riley

This is a story about belief, family and honour. Sinead O’Reilly is a pregnant 16-year-old schoolgirl living in West Belfast with her grandparents Daniel and Bronagh O’Reilly. Bronagh is the matriarch of this dysfunctional family and a devout, pious, dour Catholic to boot, who will stop at nothing to maintain her standing in a community that doesn’t want her. Sinead’s underage pregnancy is both the last straw and unbeknownst to Bronagh, her salvation as she is thrown a dubious lifeline by their GP who informs Bronagh that ‘although pregnant Sinead is still a virgin’. If Bronagh can get the birth proclaimed immaculate by the Vatican then God only knows what is possible.