You’re The Pest (Episodes 2, 3, 5)

USA – 00:11:31
Produced by Taylor Coriell, Jenny Paul
Directed by Adrienne Lovette
Written by Taylor Coriell, Jasmine Romero

Episode 2: The Rains Down In AFFRICO
Episode 3: Grossbusters
Episode 5: Inter(n)view
You’re The Pest is a comedic webseries about two estranged childhood friends— Alex, a wannabe cop, and Marissa, a former pageant girl— who are thrown back into each others’ lives when forced to inherit their families’ extermination business in Queens. Between Alex’s recent expulsion from the police academy, and Marissa’s desperate attempt to hold onto her pageant glory, their lives are taking an unexpected turn. Can they get it together and grow up JUST long enough to keep the family business afloat?