Breaking In and Breaking Out: Your Journey to Hollywood Starts Here & Strategies On Distribution and Financing

by Hammad Zaidi

Saturday, 12:00pm – 1:00 pm Bluegrass Room, Courtyard by Marriott

Hollywood is a closed circle that invites only those whose talent and presentation is impossible to ignore. This seminar discusses strategies on how to position yourself as highly visible creative force. Topics will include:

  • Hollywood Protocol
  • Submission Strategies
  • Genres That Sell
  • The Art of the Pitch
  • How To Stop Spinning Your Wheels
  • Things to Do When You Think Your Project is Dead

Does your film need funding? Or is it finished and now needs distribution? If so, this seminar is for you. We’ll discuss everything from how to find he right investors, to knowing what to ask distributors. Topics will include:

  • Business Plan Strategies – If you build it (correctly) investors will respond
  • Investor Relations – Knowing What They Really Want
  • “Dumb Money,” vs. “Smart Money” – Knowing the Difference.
  • How Not To Get Screwed on Your Distribution Contract
  • Distribution Strategies – The Best Platform(s) for your project
  • Playing the Calendar Game – Knowing When to Release Your Film

Captivating the Camera

by Vin Morreale, Jr

Saturday, 1:00pm – 2:00 pm Bluegrass Room, Courtyard by Marriott

This special one-hour seminar will highlight ways to enhance your on-camera performance, including understanding framing, increasing intensity, and deepening character interaction on film. We will also cover how to avoid common mistakes many actors make during the casting process.