The Countdown has begun to the 2021 Virtual Festival


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A very big thank you for the many hours of your time making this festival successful.

Rick Campbell, Carol Hamilton, Don Hamilton, Michelle Care Wix, Sueanna Masterson, Rick Redman, Eric Whyte, Chaz Rough, Annette S, Esther Banegas, Stephanie Corbett, Vin Morreale, Madison Hardy, Joey Wagner, Lesa Seibert, Cletus Evans, Heather Bouvier, Tarrah Carter, Dwight Turner, Mary and Sam Moseley, Wes Henderson, Jennifer Eberle, Denise Spalding, Rebecca Marks, Mary McMahan and all the many volunteers that have given their time and efforts making Louisville’s International Festival the success it has become.


Louisville Film Arts Institute, LLC

The Louisville Film Arts Institute, LIFF’s 501(c)(3) non-profit parent, was created to promote and celebrate film arts in Kentucky. We have partnered with the Governor’s Office on a variety of year round initiatives, which will be funded by the festival’s proceeds, to expand educational and economic opportunities in Louisville and around the Commonwealth.

Feedback from previous years

Thank you, Conrad.
I have to say of all 19 festivals I attended last year, yours was in my top 3. The good people of Louisville, your staff, and your events really left a lasting impression (amazing city). I never got a chance to thank you for all the good time and hospitality we received at last year’s festival. Thank you!
 Until next year, hopefully.

Miguel Mouchess

“The Louisville’s International Festival of Film is a terrific venue for up and coming indie filmmakers. Louisville isn’t just for bourbon, purebreds, or baseball bats anymore!

Catherine Dent

Actress / Director ”Silk”

”It was a real honor to have gained selection to this year’s LIFF”

Brayden Yoder


“Thank you very much for screening our film “Das Falsche Herz” at your festival in Louisville Kentucky. Your festival will be the first to screen our film outside of its production country…you can imagine, that we feel very honored, to introduce our film to the American audience. A few days ago I had a look at the whole festival program. It’s very impressive!”
With kind regards from Austria,

Cajetan Jacob

“The Louisville International Festival of Film helped my no-budget Australian short film find an audience internationally – words can not describe how valuable a platform that is, and they have my unyielding support.”

Nic Barker


“Louisville’s International Festival of Film is an exciting “Go To” festival and I enjoyed my time there. It’s one of the best for film makers from all over the world to screen their films. You’ll love it too”

Lily Tomlin

“9 to 5” “Incredible Shrinking Woman” “Pink Panther 2”

“It was the best days of my life in Louisville.”

Koji Hirano


“Many thanks again for a wonderful time in Louisville. It is great festival you organized and we were honored to be a part of it, much less to receive Best Feature.

Jerry Casagrande

“On the Wing”

“Let me say how proud and grateful I am that my film was included and as a winner in 2015 LIFF.”

Patrick Duncan

“Jes and Lora”

“Thank you very much for including ‘Our Father’ in your Festival this year and for honoring it with such a special award! So pleased that Michael Gross could be there.”

Linda Palmer

“Our Father”