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Louisville's International Festival of Film

Welcome filmmakers and film lovers from around the world!  Louisville's International Festival of Film is proud to showcase our historic city of Louisville, Kentucky, in a whole new VIRTUAL way this year.

Best known as home to the Kentucky Derby, the Louisville Slugger and "the greatest of all time", heavy weight champion, Muhammad Ali, Louisville also has a rich history showcased throughout this website.  We trust you'll visit our city in the near future, enjoy the hospitality and all we have to offer.

Now in our twelfth year, the Louisville International Festival of Film has appreciated the tremendous support from our city, the commonwealth of Kentucky, advertisers and from those throughout the entertainment industry.  Each year, the LIFF delivers a wealth of submissions, a diverse number of international films ...and several famous faces appearing in Louisville.

A Saddle of Hope.

Neta Rhyne, an award winning director, producer, and writer, is a proud enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation, Direct Descendent of the ‘Trail Of Tears’. Through her Cherokee heritage Neta has a deep rooted connection to the Earth and holds a special bond to the spirit of the horse. Neta founded Thundering Hooves 501(c)3 non-profit organization in 2011 to bring awareness to the many hardships horses face today, and the important role we play in protecting the environment.

Neta has 3 films in our festival.


And the winner is...

Congratulations Moncivias Missions, we are thrilled to announce you are the winner of the Thundering Hooves Saddle Giveaway and excited to follow along on the saddles' journey!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our saddle giveaway, we appreciate you and all the hard work you do to help the horses!!

Thank you Louisville International Film Festival, we are proud to be a part of your 2020 Virtual Film Festival and grateful for your support of the Saddle Giveaway!

2020 Festival Stats

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Experimental & New Media




November 5, 2020




It’s my pleasure to welcome all attendees who view the 2020 Louisville’s International Festival of Film. You will find Louisville to be a welcoming place, full of gorgeous views, amazing restaurants and exciting nightlife. The Louisville’s International Festival of Film is rapidly growing in reputation and prestige, and this year’s collection of films is unrivaled.

A special thanks goes to Louisville native and the man who founded the Louisville’s International Festival of Film – Conrad Bachmann. He and his son Brett and partner Brian have worked tirelessly to make this festival the best ever. They also have collected a team of sponsors and volunteers dedicated to making your production and stay a success in Louisville.

For our filmmakers, we wish you every success. Who knows? You may someday have the same success enjoyed by the star of the first Louisville’s International Festival of Film – Jennifer Lawrence. She’s also a Louisville native. Proof that Kentucky fosters creativity.

Please enjoy your the multitude of films that await you this weekend at the 2020Louisville’s International Festival of Film.






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Your efforts will help us assist Kentucky public high schools engage students in all aspects of film making, help raise scholarship funds for students who pursue advanced film studies at universities across the Commonwealth ...and be part of something extraordinary!

Festival Staff & Advisory Board

Gary Marsh

President & Creator of Breakdown Services
Actor’s Access – Hollywood, CA

Lily Tomlin

Emmy Winning Actress

Lesa Seibert

President, Xstreme Media, LLC

Carol Hamilton

Festival Coordinator

Makayla Bell

Virtual Festival Coordinator

Michelle Care Wix

LFAII Director, Festival Graphics & Design