A Legacy Lost & Found: Segregation in Recreation


Duration: 00:23:35
United States
Year: 2022-09-30

During the height of Jim Crow in Kentucky, Cherokee Park (a segregated park for Black vacationers), operated from 1951 to 1964, just two miles from the whites-only Kenlake Park. This is that story.

Director: Dr. Tammy L. Holmes
Producer: Dr. Tammy L Holmes, Tony Clomax, Dr. Nancy J Dawson
Writers: Dr. Tammy L. Holmes
Key Cast: Dr. Nancy J Dawson, Dr. SG Carthell, George Sholar, Dr. Ronald J Stephens, Maurice Sweeney, Dr. Charles Neblett, Dr. Brian Clardy, Joe Arnold, Gerry James, Dr. William O’Brien, John Westbrook, Russ Meyers, Will Adams, Phyllis A Nunn