A Perfect Blemish


Duration: 01:15:00
United States
Year: 2023-05-25

A young teenager named Mariah goes through the ups and down of high school life. Her life is completely changed when her high school boyfriend is killed in a car wreck. As Mariah attempts to move on, she decides to give new love a chance. The new person in her life is not someone you would expect her to be attracted to. As Mariah finds out more about herself, she finds out how much opposites attract, and how to look past the blemishes of life.

Director: T’Shombi Jumar Basemore
Producer: T’Shombi Jumar Basemore Basemore
Writers: T’Shombi Jumar Basemore, Joeseph Blake Shrewsberry
Key Cast: Layla Renee Bell, Zack Burkhart, Royce D Lowery, Madison Ramos, Amiyah Miller