Duration: 0:20:00
Country: United States
Directors: Kilo Watts, The Drone , Ahhtension Planet Arts

ATTENTIONSPAM is a unique new trend in film. It is a revolutionary new way of collaging/montaging multiple complex time-based audio-visual arts.

ATTENTIONSPAM is the gonzo work of artists in Kentuckiana’s film, music, art, dance, theatre, & humanities scene, (inspired by the creativity of Conrad and the Louisville’s International Festival of Film team).

ATTENTIONSPAM stands on the shoulders of the rich legacy of groundbreaking, renegade Louisvillians; – the originality of writer Hunter S. Thompson, (“Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”), – the empathy of director Tod Browning, (“Freaks”), – the technical and artistic innovation of director D. W. Griffith, – & the humanitarianism of Muhammad Ali, (“Six Core Principles”).

ATTENTIONSPAM opens with sampled foley sounds recorded in the west end of Louisville (McAlpine Dam) — and ends with a reversed clap of thunder recorded in the east end of Louisville. Much of the production, post-production, and editing took place in Kentucky.

There is no one way to experience ATTENTIONSPAM as it synergistically intermingles word, sight, and sound like objects in a rich multi-media kaleidoscope, weaving them into a sum experience that is greater than its parts.