Back & Forth


Duration: 00:13:19
Hong Kong
Year: 2023-09-12

In the night when Piscis Austrinids meteor shower appears, Sze runs into Fai on the ferry with mixed feelings. There is an old saying: “One can go back to the past in the night of the meteor shower.” With the saying coming true that night, Sze goes back to 10 years ago where she is still in a relationship with Fai. In the night when she is supposed to break up with him, Sze chooses to continue the relationship with Fai. The outcome, however, deviates from her expectation.

Director: Chun Hei Che
Producer: Ashely Choi
Writers: Shuk Han Wan, Chun Hei Che
Key Cast: Leanne Li, Daniel Ho