Duration: 01:12:54
United States
Year: 2023-02-19

‘Bloom’ is a fictional drama that follows the life of Kate, a mother of two children and a poodle. Stirred by the desire to flee her small-town Indiana life, this ambling Midwest tale begins with Kate in her late 60s, on the eve of an impromptu vacation that quickly snowballs into an adventure across America. Driven by memories from her past, we learn how Kate once broke free from her hometown and toured with a band on the road. Unfortunately, this dream came to an abrupt end, leaving her right back in the stagnant, small-town life she sought to escape. With her children’s inadvertent guidance, Kate’s attempt to live freely brings her face-to-face with her deepest regret in life.

Director: Mark Totte
Producer: Mark Totte, Leo Farbman, Russell McGee, Matt Kaye
Writers: Mark Totte
Key Cast: Kate Braun, Chloe Caemmerer, Andrew Wind, David Weirhake