Clancy Sigal: Lord of the Gadflies


Duration: 01:26:00
United States
Year: 2023-02-22

Clancy Sigal ventured everywhere and accomplished everything a bold spirit can in the turbulent course of a mere lifetime: street-smart city kid, precinct worker, union organizer, soldier, UCLA graduate, Hollywood agent, blacklisted target of McCarthyism, European emigre, Fleet Street journalist, novelist, staunch leftist disdainful of party lines, enemy of cant of any kind, psychedelic journeyer, skeptical devotee of psychiatrist R. D. Laing, National Book Award nominee, USC journalism teacher, and screenwriter of Frida and other films. An eloquent radical who shook up things in every milieu he encountered, nothing he ever wrote was predictable, except for the compassion, dark humor and demand for social justice always at the core. Hinged on extensive interviews with Sigal and with associates, this documentary offers an intriguing alternative view of recent US and UK history, peppered with provocative insights by the most savvy and candid of transatlantic travelers. Interviewees include critic John Lahr, actor Oliver Cotton, editor Tim Radford, playwright David Edgar, screenwriter Janice Tidwell, and more.

Director: Kurt Jacobsen, Warren Leming
Producer: Kurt Jacobsen, Warren Leming
Writers: Kurt Jacobsen, Warren Leming