Double Brothers, Double Trouble


Duration: 00:18:13
United States
Year: 2023-03-10

Within an arcade game somewhere, Ronin and Hero, former members of the Dan Che gang (单车伙) return home to find their roommate’s game console has been stolen! Only their arch nemesis, Niles, of the rival Bear Dojo and peon for the evil company, CyberCore, would dare steal from the brothers. Together with their other brother, Bonafide, the three set out to get hard and defeat Niles.

Director: William Hurst
Producer: William Hurst, Ken Cravens, 3rriblé Productions, Couch Fire Media
Writers: William Hurst
Key Cast: Tim Roberts, Sean Lightsey, Jeff McNeil, JoshGrinthorr, Harold Bunkum, Daniel Hulker, Emma Mork, Sunny McNeil, Ben Riggs, Ann Moss, Ken Cravens