Duration: 01:32:10
United States
Year: 2022-09-23

“Farewelling” centers around a woman in crisis, an artist who has suffered multiple miscarriages and finds her mental health in peril when the world gets shut down due to the pandemic. In the aftermath of her best friend’s overdose, Jenna Rossi struggles to stay sane as she awaits her friend’s ashes, reflecting on her life as she reunites with those still around her. Questions of her own ethics and morals begin to circle as she comes face to face with the overarching “why” of life, love, and marriage. While reconciling her decisions, she’s forced to choose which lines can be crossed and what it takes to truly break us.

Director: Rodes Phire
Producer: Rodes Phire, Andrew Soriano, Rachel Glago, Ty Gordon, Lauren Selman
Writer: Rodes Phire, Sarah McMaster
Key Cast: Cristen Coppen, Rob Evors, Lauren Selman, Robert Thomas Preston, Anna Briggs, Rachel Deutsch