Ice Cream. Sladoled


Duration: 00:12:42
United States
Year: 2022-06-02

Translation: Ice Cream. Ice Cream Logline: A Day in the Life of a recent immigrant, where no one understands anyone else, and a trip to buy ice cream triggers a series of absurd misadventures. Synopsis: A Day in the Life of a thirty-something immigrant caught in a rut. He lives in a place where everyone speaks a different language and no one understands anyone else. When his wife asks him to buy ice cream, his day unravels as misunderstandings sink to absurd misadventures. A satirical view about a day where the effects of a new immigrant’s mounting hardships and dizzying realities all converge into one big mess. The Subtitles Are Color Coded: Serbian (white) Spanish (yellow) Broken Serbian or Broken Spanish (orange) English (not subtitled) The film premiered at Palm Springs International ShortFest (June 2022) and has been selected by 28 film festivals.

Director: Steve Spremo
Producer: River North Pictures
Writers: Steve Spremo
Key Cast: Igor Obradovic