Duration: 00:35:00
United States
Year: 2023-03-15

Dr. Conrad Robertson is a brilliant experimental research oncologist with a seemingly perfect life…a beautiful wife, Mackenzie, a loving daughter, Avery, & a loyal best friend, Senator Jackson Whitley. Just as Conrad’s on the cusp of presenting his revolutionary vaccine to the FDA for approval that could literally cure cancer & save millions, he wakes in a psych ward. Conrad freaks out & has to be restrained, but once he is, he’s told he suffers from Dissociative Personality Disorder & the life he thinks he knows is really someone else’s…Jackson’s. When presented with evidence of this, his mind spins out of control. Could this all be an elaborate conspiracy, or is he in fact…Insane.

Director: Sonia Blangiardo-Goins
Producer: Sonia Blangiardo-Goins, Brandon Goins, Teresa Cicala, Eric Martsolf, Steve Dempsey, Allyson Sereboff
Writers: Sonia Blangiardo-Goins, Brandon Goins
Key Cast: Eric Martsolf, Eva LaRue, Gilles Marini, Paul Telfer, Tiffany Smith, Brandon Goins, Elin Alexander