Kadina Kadoramee Andakadaaham


Duration: 01:59:43
Year: 2023-03-22

Bachu, a young man who lives with a strong determination that he would not work under anyone, is now in a big crisis. The small business that he was doing was lost and there is no financial backup to start a new one. Bachu’s father, who has been in the Gulf for a long time, along with his mom and his friends are all forcing him to go to the Gulf. But he is not ready to change his decision. Because of this, his relationship with his father became unpleasant. Even the last time he came home, his father who was sick, asked bachu many times to go instead of him. But he did not obey him. He took a firm stance in his decision that he would not go to the Gulf to live. The story takes place in the coastal area of Kozhikode at the time when Kerala started the relaxing restrictions of covid after the lockdown. Whether at home or in his place, bachu is no one’s favorite with his own opinions and attitudes. Later, he gets a phone call in the evening that his father, who were to come two days later, has died in the Gulf. Taking into account the crisis of the Covid era, when he told Umma that he had decided to bury his dead body in the Gulf, Umma asked him, to his shock, that she needed to see the father’s body and didn’t want to bother about covid. Umma’s words were not something that Bachu could easily ignore. It’s corona time, the arrival of dead bodies from the gulf has been stopped for the time being and to make matters worse, the ward where Bachu’s house is located is a containment zone!! What will Bachu do? This movie is Bachu’s life journey to fulfill his mother’s wish. A journey that shook him, transformed him so much that it made him rethink his actions and thought that everything he had done in the world was right or not.

Director: Muhasin
Producer: Naisam Salam
Writers: Harshad
Key Cast: Basil Joseph, Indrans, Jaffer Idukki, Johny Antony, Binu Pappu, Sudheesh