Duration: 01:39:38
United States
Year: 2021-02-07

When the whole nation accepts love between same-sex and validates their marriage, the KOKO movie takes the Human-Canine bonding to the next level. SAG-AFTRA Feature Film, KOKO is an unusual story of Randy and his solitary genuine friend… his canine (Koko). First time it has featured a man and dog are going to tie the knot. Is it for Love or Money or Something else?

Director: Anjani K Pandey
Producer: Anjani K Pandey
Writers: J Scott Vajner, Anjani K Pandey
Key Cast: Anthony Esposito, Travis Chase, Dulaney Sundin, Rachel Willis, Celia Isla, Sean Collins, Andrew Kranz, John Parsonson, Nautic Von Horn