Manufactured Luck


Duration: 00:15:20
United States
Year: 2021-09-01

Manufactured Luck dives into the day to day life of a young Appalachian girl and her grandfather as the two attempt to win a bike in a local grocery store sweepstakes. Manufactured Luck follows Ash and her grandfather Jim as the two introverts from vastly different generations try to bond. A semi-successful local “sweeper”, Jim spends most of his retired life entering local grocery store sweepstakes, radio contests, and the occasional church raffle. To Ash, Jim is ancient. Someone who she doesn’t really understand, and someone with who she has little in common. The two are able to bridge the gap between their generations when Ash notices a sweepstakes display with a new bike at a local supermarket. Jim, seeing this as possibly his last chance to connect with his granddaughter, works diligently to win the bike. However, what they both learn, is that the connection they’ve made in the last days of Jim’s life is far more valuable than any bike or contest could ever be.

Director: Kevin Keck
Producer: Brandon Evans, Lucas A. Ferrara, Tyler Oxendine
Writers: Kevin Keck
Key Cast: Azra Basile, Peter Aylward, Amelia Bartlett