O’ Pioneer


Duration: 01:13:00
United States
Year: 2023-02-15

O Pioneer poetically reckons with and redefines the American pioneer as a blacksmith, seamstress, and hospital chaplain navigate immense hardship. A documentary, O Pioneer celebrates three Appalachians from West Virginia as they embark upon an important journey—a journey that unfolds in the midst of a pandemic and personal heartache. Weaving narration with archival pioneer footage, candid moments from each subject, poetic vignettes, and dream-like animation, O Pioneer redefines what it means to be a pioneer and asks viewers to courageously champion the pioneer within.

Director: Clara Lehmann, Jonathan Lacocque
Producer: Clara Lehmann, Jonathan Lacocque, Grace Lawson
Writer: Clara Lehmann
Key Cast: Tim Hibbs, Nellie Rose Gundersen Davis, James Morley