State of Grace


Duration: 01:50:01
United States
Year: 2023-05-15

Following a surprise arrest for possession of eleven grams of the powerful opioid fentanyl, 31 year-old single mother Erin Sanders loses control of her life and the custody of her one-year-old daughter, Grace, to the Missouri foster care system. Desperate to get Grace back, Erin must conquer her demons and prove to the court that she still can be a responsible parent. “State of Grace” is a beautiful and deeply moving film about the power of community and the price of love.

Director: Stephen Wallace Pruitt
Producer: Mary Settle Pruitt, Stephen Wallace Pruitt
Writer: Mary Settle Pruitt, Stephen Wallace Pruitt
Key Cast: Sarah Drescher, Charla Bocchicchio, Meagan Flynn, Merideth Rose, Michelle Daugharthy, Jon Daugharthy, Michael Ashcraft, Suzanne Bailey, Stefanie Stevens