The Maples


Duration: 00:10:13
United States

Never close even in school, Lucy and Jeremy find their paths cross long after they have moved on to very different lives. Meeting on a park bench in New York City, small-town Lucy’s head spins as she takes in the metropolis and wonders at the excitement of Jeremy’s life, while artisan distiller Jeremy wonders at the evolution of wild-child Lucy into a responsible homemaker, seeing in her everything his family lacked. In a conversation that could only happen between near strangers, they slowly begin to reveal their respective dissatisfactions with life and tentatively consider how things might have been different if they had made different choices. Finally being honest with themselves and seeing the answers to their questions before them, each awakens from the dream of the path not taken to realize it was just that: a dream. Although perhaps wistful about that loss, they are relieved of the burden of what might have been.

Director: Taylor Coriell
Producer: Sierra Rein, Mick Bleyer, Randall C Willis
Writers: Randall C Willis
Key Cast: Sierra Rein, Mick Bleyer