The Meaning Of A Ritual


Duration: 01:24:00
Year: 2023-08-01

A headstrong, young mobile plant doctor with extrasensory powers and an emotionally unstable, isolated artist are forced to save each other, in order to be able to live again. A coming of age story about two women from different generations, who have more in common than they are willing to admit. Coming Of Age/Magical Realism Drama What the film is like? Imagine “Amelie” meets “Persona” in the big city setting of Berlin. A female-driven genre film with 100% female cast. ***You live life forward, but understand it backwards.*** ***Dead people receive more flowers than the living ones, because regret is stronger than gratitude.*** *The film is available with English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese subtitles. *Film promotion material and press kit are also available in different languages upon request. *This film was made with an international crew & team from South America, UK, Italy, Ukraine, Germany, France, Greece and Egypt. TRAILER: TEASER: IG: FB: Official Website: Digital Press kit (ENGLISH): Digital Press kit (GERMAN): GERMAN FILMS QUARTERLY BERLINALE 2023 EDITION: Variety Magazine Cannes/Marche du film 2023 edition feature: Film Screener via Vimeo: password: meaningof23!! *A DCP is available for screening upon request. WATCH SCREENER ON VIMEO: password: meaningof23!!

Director: Natalie MacMahon
Producer: Natalie MacMahon, Camilo Zamorra
Writers: Natalie MacMahon
Key Cast: Elli Treptow, Annette Pausch, Anna Pfingsten, Katinka Muth, Alexandra Ebert, Sisi Forster