The Only Doctor


Duration: 01:18:00
United States
Year: 2022-12-14

For the past 15 years, Dr. Karen Kinsell, a compassionate, yet no-nonsense physician, has been the only doctor in Clay County, Georgia, a rural region along the Georgia-Alabama border, and one of the poorest counties in the nation. After working without pay for several years, Dr. Kinsell can no longer afford to volunteer full time and may close her clinic. Knowing all too well that she’s the only healthcare for many residents, she begins a journey of twists and turns towards a solution so that she can continue serving her patients in Clay County. A prayer-answering partnership with a medical school appears, but a difference in motives places it at risk. Then Covid-19 arrives, adding additional strain upon her medical practice and her patients’ health. But amidst the uncertainty, unexpected opportunities arise, providing Dr. Kinsell and her patients with answered prayers and the ability to fight another day.

Director: Matthew Hashiguchi
Producer: Matthew Hashiguchi, Anjanette Levert

*Viewable Online in Kentucky Only