The Story of Mr. Glass


Duration: 00:56:00
United States
Year: 2023-02-28

David Glass was an innovative retailer, diehard sports fan, and loving family leader. His perseverance propelled him to leave his small town and pursue his dreams. Through hard work, leadership, and faith he became one of the greatest business minds of our generation. After successfully building Walmart beside Sam Walton, he left to pursue another love…baseball. Through it all, his priority was rooted in family and faith.

Director: Mackenzie Martz
Producer: Devin Arnone, Devon Gulati
Key Cast: David Glass, Drayton McLane, Doug McMillon, Dr. Kenneth Cooper, Dan Glass, James Robison, Ruth Glass, George Brett, Drayton Moore, Denny Matthews, Kevin Uhlich, Ryan Lefebvre, Marlilyn Sharp, Dayna Martz, Don Glass, Dick Glass

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