Friday, October 11th

Auditorium | Muhammad Ali Center

10:00am-11:14am Body Swap
11:16am-11:36am Plastic Funerals
11:38am-11:51am The Cunning Man
11:53am-12:08pm Q & A
12:13pm-1:39pm Born to Rein
1:44pm-2:11pm Gingerbread
2:13pm-3:11pm Live from the Astroturf, Alice Cooper
3:13pm-3:21pm Afterthoughts
3:23pm-3:38pm Q & A
3:43pm-5:17pm Dark Harbor
5:19pm-5:30pm The Bullet of Time
5:32pm-5:35pm Better Men
5:37pm-5:46pm The Funeral Dancer
5:48pm-6:02pm Darling, Darling Wendy

Screening Room #1 | Muhammad Ali Center

10:00am-10:20am The Seed
10:22am-10:34am Love Potion No. 5
10:36am-11:06pm This Is Cindy
11:11am-12:29pm Barney’s Wall: Portrait of a Game Changer
12:32pm-12:47pm Q & A
12:50pm-12:59pm Cold Storage
1:01pm-1:04pm Bright Minds
1:06pm-1:22pm White Flags
1:24pm-1:46pm Landings
1:48pm-3:30pm Miracle in East Texas
3:35pm-3:50pm Q & A
3:55pm-5:15pm Rigged: The Voter Suppression
5:17pm-5:26pm Transit(ion)
5:28pm-5:48pm Inhaling Red
5:50pm-5:56pm Fridge to Table

Screening Room #2 | Muhammad Ali Center

10:00am-11:30am The Deported
11:32am-11:47am Mother’s Day Memories
11:49am-12:04pm Sleepwalk
12:06pm-12:16pm The Cold Season
12:18pm-12:33pm Q & A
12:38pm-2:28pm Free Slave
2:30pm-2:44pm Alchemy
2:46pm-3:11pm Brothers of Italy
3:13pm-3:17pm I Am He Who Created Himself
3:19pm-3:34pm Q & A
3:39pm-5:30pm Physicians of Aickarakkonam
5:32pm-5:46pm This Happens to You…?
5:48pm-6:02pm Snapshots

Room #3| Kentucky Science Center

10:00am-11:10am “No News”
11:12am-11:24am Who Won
11:26am-11:30am G-32851
11:32am-11:43am Stay
11:45am-12:00pm Q & A
12:05pm-1:42pm Evergreen
1:44pm-1:51pm Toe
1:53pm-2:12pm The Water Clock
2:14pm-2:23pm The Tattooed Heart
2:25pm-2:40pm Q & A
2:45pm-4:28pm The Blueberry Farmer
4:30pm-5:26pm LaLoche
5:28pm-5:53pm Snake River Rising

Room #5| Kentucky Science Center

10:00am-11:34am We Are Thankful
11:36am-1:01pm Missing
1:03pm-1:17pm Torching the Dusties
1:20pm-1:35pm Q & A
1:40pm-3:04pm Methods to Madness
3:06pm-3:36pm New Beginnings
3:38pm-5:20pm Dear Bayo
5:22pm-5:42pm Green Mama
5:44pm-5:59pm Q & A

Conference Room| Holiday Inn Express – Louisville Downtown

10:00am-11:21am Float
11:23am-11:36am At the End of the World
11:38am-12:08pm Discharged
12:10pm-12:27pm The All American
12:29pm-12:44pm Q & A
12:49pm-2:13pm The Wisdom Tooth
2:15pm-2:29pm Knee High
2:31pm-2:44pm Spot: A Personal Period Piece
2:46pm-2:55pm Losing Antonia
2:57pm-3:12pm Q & A
3:17pm-4:37pm Condor and the Eagle
4:39pm-4:53pm Wedding Video
4:55pm-5:06pm A Mother’s Love
5:08pm-5:27pm Moderately Put Together
5:29pm-5:39pm Bathroom Humor
5:41pm-6:01pm The Last Harvest

Saturday, October 12th

Auditorium | Muhammad Ali Center

10:00am-11:20am Who Killed Lt. VanDorn
11:22am-12:02pm Against the Wall
12:04pm-12:24pm My Name is Zula
12:26pm-12:41pm Q & A
12:46pm-1:46pm Return to Vietnam
1:48pm-2:17pm Taft
2:19pm-2:35pm Ladies Most Deject
2:37pm-2:54pm Magnolia & Clementine
2:56pm-3:11pm Q & A
3:13pm-3:28pm Seconds Out
3:30pm-3:51pm Coma
3:54pm-4:16pm Hard to Place
4:30pm-5:47pm Silo

Screening Room #1 | Muhammad Ali Center

10:00am-11:18am When All That’s Left is Love
11:20am-12:09pm New Men
12:11pm-12:27pm Unregistered
12:29pm-12:58pm Carry Tiger to Mountain
1:00pm-1:15pm Q & A
1:20pm-2:48pm The Long Journey
2:50pm-3:10pm Blood Theory
3:12pm-3:33pm Easy Elegance
3:35pm-3:46pm Beauty Mark
3:48pm-4:03pm Q & A
4:08pm-5:37pm Last Beer at the Pig’s Ear

Room #3 | Kentucky Science Center

10:00am-11:16am Arturo Sandoval: Journey to a Dream
11:18am-12:15pm Ay Mariposa (Oh Butterfly)
12:17pm-12:36pm Little Apollo
12:38pm-12:56pm Popcorn
12:58pm-1:13pm Q & A
1:18pm-2:34pm ReGeneration
2:36pm-2:51pm The Spirit Seam
2:53pm-3:18pm Anacronte
3:20pm-3:40pm Off With Your Head
3:42pm-3:57pm Q & A
4:02pm-5:24pm Eat Up
5:26pm-5:41pm Born in Our Community
5:43pm-6:03pm For Hope

Room #5| Kentucky Science Center

10:00am-11:5am Bozkir Look at the Birds
11:54am-12:42pm An Armenian Trilogy
12:44pm-2:12pm Happy Cleaners
2:14pm-2:29pm Q & A
2:34pm-2:58pm Eternity
3:00pm-4:30pm Spiral Farms
4:32pm-5:11pm Learning to Skateboard

Conference Room | Holiday Inn Express – Louisville Downtown

9:00am-10:08am Beyond These Walls: Building…
10:00am-11:30am Seminar—-Vin Morreale, Jr.
11:35am-1:26pm The Sleeper by the River
1:28pm-1:43pm Hatched
1:45pm-1:58pm Corkskrew
2:00pm-2:15pm Q & A
2:20pm-3:44pm Paris la Blanche
3:46pm-4:04pm Cavan
4:06pm-4:45pm Sick
4:47pm-6:04pm Undeterred