Inhaling Red

USA – 00:20:00
Produced by Peter Thorson
Directed by Scott Allan Pardue
Written by Scott Allan Pardue

As Project Manager for the Learning Management System (LMS) replacement, Cynthia Abella is on point to give a critical presentation to secure funding from company executives, including the president. Her resting bitch-face and broken wrist allude to deepening fissures in her icy façade that push her into the past where the “lub dub” of a horse’s hooves captured her heart. But this “first love”, this temperamental, wild animal, so like her husband with its violence, so like her husband with its contempt for the bit, rejected her with a hurricane of belligerent kicks … and like her husband, left her inhaling red, choking on her own blood. So, what to do, what lessons learned, what path to take besides letting the storm within well up and overwhelm any light of compassion?