Magnolia & Clementine

USA – 00:16:22
Produced by Linds Edwards, Ashley Shelton, Tonia Davis-Evans
Directed by Ashley Shelton
Written by Ashley Shelton

Most of her brilliant ideas end up in the bathroom trash, deleted, or left unfinished all thanks to her wonky computer that crashes at the most inconvenient times. Struggling writer, HER, tosses out a story that gets turned into a published successful piece of work. By her more famous husband. Frustrated and jealous, HER, heads to a local coffee shop for a for a change of scenery to work where she sees some unexpected familiar faces. That event sparks some unwelcomed but much needed changes to HER life. Confronting her past and making peace with her expectations of the future, we see a women consciously stepping out of her own way and into her destiny.