USA – 01:33:00
Produced by Damian King
Directed & Written by Matt Berman

Manipulated is a taut Drama, Mystery, Whodunnit with an ensemble cast starring Kelly Perine, Chase Masterson, Traci Lords, Heather McComb, Michael Paré and Gail O’Grady.

District Attorney Diane Conrad (O’Grady), is under extreme pressure to solve a homicide that has politicians as well as the local community on edge.

Tensions rise further when three of the victim’s girlfriends, one who was the last person to see him alive, are questioned and released without charge.

Why is Detective Scott Keating (Perine) taking the biggest gamble of his career ? 

With evidence in short supply, and the personal and professional lives of all concerned unravelling, can you believe anything anyone says?

It’s game on for everyone. Can you solve the mystery? Buckle up and enjoy the ride at