Bosnia and Herzegovina – 01:16:00
Produced by Zana Marjanovic
Directed by Emir Kapetanovic
Written by Emir Kapetanovic

Almost 25 years after war and genocide shattered Bosnia-Herzegovina, can the country’s youth show the way to reconciliation, peace, and prosperity? ‘ReGeneration’ follows ten ‘reconciliation ambassadors’ (Serb, Croat, and Bosniak) as they come to terms with their past and envision their future. Embarking on a journey to hear the stories of their elders and peers – war veterans, survivors, politicians, journalists, religious leaders, and community activists – they will try to forge hope out of tragedy. The odds against it are staggering; rampant political corruption, ethno-nationalism, trauma, and youth unemployment make optimism extremely difficult to come by, but the ambassadors are determined to never give up on each other or the country they love. ReGeneration allows the people of Bosnia-Herzegovina to share their voices, their stories, and their witness. In their catharsis, they will try to heal wounds, rebuild bridges, and rediscover their shared humanity.