The Long Journey

Turkey – 01:28:00
Produced by Mesut Gengeç
Directed by Mesut Gengeç
Written by Bülent Günal

“THE LONG JOURNEY – from Anatolia to the new world”; topics covered in the documentary. The country of opportunities to America 18. since the century, migrations have been experienced from all over the world. Some of the survivors were far east, some Italian and Irish. There were also those who were Romanized from these migration stories; those who were transferred to the white screen. So, have you ever had an American Dream in Anatolia? Have there been any emigrants to the United States among those living in the Ottoman Empire? “The Long journey – from Anatolia to the new world”, the documentary work follows this question and reveals the unknown stories of people who have migrated to The New World.
Recent research on those migrating from Anatolia to America to the USA in the 18th the end of the century and 19. at the beginning of the century, nearly 400 thousand people, almost 50 thousand Muslims, emigrated from Anatolia to America. Such a huge wave of immigration has, Of course, produced significant sociological results. Hundreds of thousands of Ottoman citizens embarked on their ships and embarked on a very troubled journey that lasted for months. The places and challenges they lived in America supported shooting and interviews in historical places.