The Sleeper by the River

France – 01:50:25
Produced by Manuel Sanchez, Jeremy Banster, Marylise Den Hollander, Alain Depardieu
Directed by Manuel Sanchez
Written by Murial Harrar-Sanchez, Margery Wilson

Dominique Pinon (Delicatessen, Amelie) stars in this quirky, touchingly heartbreaking ‘dramedy.” Based on the award winning dark comedy novel “Les Bottes Rouges” (“The Red Boots”) by Franz Bartelt, it is a story of love, sex, friendship, madness, the Zen of making French fries and homemade beer. Filmed in the beautiful French Ardennes and directed by Manuel Sanchez (Les Arcandiers). Also stars Marina Tomé, Pascal Turmo and Delphine Depardieu.